Volleyball volunteers with local youth in the community

Volleyball volunteers with local youth in the community

DOVER, Del. – Several members of the Wesley College volleyball team volunteered their time in the spring to youth volleyball groups in the Dover community.

Rising sophomores Jenna Burchfield and Nya Lightfoot coached a Holy Cross CYM league team called the "Dunkin' Hits."

"Working with the little league was something that is close to my heart," said Lightfoot. "That was how I started playing volleyball back home in Maryland was with youth programs so it's nice to give kids the opportunity to develop into volleyball players of the future."

Fellow rising sophomores Caelli Clifford and Regan Healey volunteered their time with the Volleyball Tots beginner group, which has kids aged three to six, at the Kent County Parks and Recreation Center in Dover.

"Sometimes teaching the kids was tough but watching them progress over the six weeks with the program was more than worth it," stated Clifford. "I never got to touch a volleyball that young so being able to see kids at their age fall in love with a sport that means so much to me was great. In my opinion, giving time back to the youth is important in helping a community grow."

"I'm glad the girls were able to give back by helping grow the game of volleyball right here in our community," said fourth-year head coach Lindsay Beiler. "Between classes and spring practices, they had a lot on their plates, yet they still volunteered their time to help younger athletes improve and have fun playing volleyball and I think that's important for the growth of our game."