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The following forms must be completed by all student-athletes wishing to participate in intercollegiate athletics.

Prior to participating on a team from Wesley College, athletes must provide the Sports Medicine Department with current address, emergency contact, insurance, medical alert and health history information and other necessary forms. To expedite this process the Sports Medicine Department uses an online data entry system. 

To enter your information, visit Follow the instructions listed below so you can properly completed the athletic forms.

1. SWOL Introduction Letter (New Student-Athletes)
2. SWOL for Returning Student-Athletes

Your Pre-Participation physical required for athletic participation at Wesley College must be conducted after June 1 and uploaded on to your student-athlete portal on  The Physician's signature on the Pre-Participation Physical, and all online paperwork for the upcoming academic year should be completed and submitted after June 1. 

3. Sports Information Form (only for newcomers or if you have updates)